Sl.NoYearSeasonCropTitleDetail Of TechnologyResultNo Of Farmer InvolvedImage
1 2016-17kharifpOINTED gOURDAssessment of chemical management of Cercospora and Alternaria disease of Pointed gourdSeed treatment with carboxin+thiram @ 2gm/lit; spray of Cymoxanil 8 WP + Mancozeb 64WP @ 3gm/lit at 10DAI224 Q/HA7 Click Download
2 2016-17RabiCHILLIAssessment of suitable management schedule for mite & thrips infestation in Chilli Need based spraying of Fenpyroximate @ 1 ml/lit & Acetamiprid @ 0.4 gm/lit alternately at 10 DAI 133.5 Q/HA7 Click Download
3 2016-17RabiCauliflowerAssessment of performance of pusa hydrogel in cauliflower for moisture conservationPusa hydrogel causes meager mortality of seedlings during transplanting in the main plot.Reduction in leaching of fertilizer.increase in Yield by 8.3%32510 Click Download
4 2016-17kharifOnionAssessment of seed production in onionGermination % is 83%.Thus farmers can store the seeds and use in the next season4.57 Click Download
5 2016-17RabiBananaAssessment on banana variety G-nane and DCCultivation of G naine var of tissue culture banana is more profitable than DC var. with 25-30 kg of bunch weight6757 Click Download
6 2016-17RabiOnionAssessment on performance of sulphur application in onionSulphur helps in better storability of bulbs.Increase in yield by 17.3%3327 Click Download
7 2016-17kharifKharifAssessment of performance of herbicides in medium land transplanted paddyPost emergence application of Byspyribac sodium @ 200 ml/ ha at 20 DAT is better as compared to Londex power @ 10 kg/ha at 3-7 DAT44.27 Click Download
8 2016-17kharifMangoAssessment of Paclobutrazol application for inducing regular bearing habit in Mango Drenching of Paclobutrazol @ 15 ml/ 10 lit. of water in the root zone of plant ( 7-15 yr old orchard) , 3 ft away from trunk in the month of September10557 Click Download
9 2016-17RabiPost harvest TechnologyAssessment of user friendly, indigenous techniques for safe storage of grain pulses Application of mixture ( 2 kg lime with 10 kg wood ash ) per qtl of grain pulse till consumption 268007 Click Download
10 2016-17RabiGroundnut Assessment of herbicides against weed management in Groundnut Post emergence application of Imazethapyr @ 750 ml/ha at 15-20 DAS + one hand weeding is most effective than Quizalfop ethyl @ 1000 ml/ha and Oxyflorofen @ 200 ml/ ha.13.427 Click Download
11 2016-17kharifPaddy straw mushroomAssessment of suitable paddy straw mushroom production in Kharif season Cultivation of high yielding paddy straw mushroom strain OSM-11 & OSM-12157 Click Download
12 2016-17RabiDhingti MushroomAssessment of suitable Dhingri mushroom strain for increased productivity and income .Cutting the straw into 2 inches,soaking in water for 12hrs,boiling the straw for 30mins.,preparation of bed by using 200 gm of spawn inside a polythene of80x40 cm237 Click Download
13 2016-17kharifCross bred cowsAssessment of area specific mineral mixture on the performance of milk yield in cross bred cows Feeding with green fodder 20 kg /day/ cow with other feed,Administration of area specific (i.e. Bolangir) mineral mixture @ 50 gm/ cow/ day for 90 days507 Click Download
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